Show No Mercy - text

Sweltering in darkest terror
Dread the hammer in the night
Throats slashed, near decapitation
Face blown off, eradicated

Show no mercy

Tied up, raped and sodomized
Savage battering delivered
Butcher knife, gouge out the eyes
Empty sockets bloody stare

Pieces of shit are killed every day

The bulk of humanity is equivalent to a herd of cattle
Those who are deserving get what they got coming
You do not understand me, you are not expected to
Keep the evil thought, I will be avenged

Abduct the young for my pleasure
Ransack, ravage, terrorize
Pentagrams mark lifeless bodies
Hail Satan

Pieces of shit are killed every day

Exult in the hour of darkness
Lucifer dwells in us all
I am beyond your experience
I am beyond good and evil

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Extermination Revelry

Drawn and Quarteredtexty

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