No Absolution - text

Foulest of creatures
Life-devouring fiend
Horrific spectacle
Screams of insanity

Clenching tight
I crush your windpipe
Savoring the bloodthirsty rage
Hate fills my eyes
Terror floods your veins
Preparing to take your life away

No one will miss you

No absolution
Violent retribution
Awash in suffering
Death is the solution
A calculated waste
Sowing ruin out of self-hate
A self-fulfilling prophecy
Some lessons never learned

Stripped bare of your hypocrisy
Rotting core exposed for all to see

Sheep for the wolves

No absolution
Destroying the pollution
Awash in suffering
Death is the solution
No absolution
Death is the solution
No absolution

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Feeding Hell's Furnace

Drawn and Quarteredtexty

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