Mutilated Offerings - text

Randomly abducted
Tortured and sodomized
Sadistically hacked to death
With a ritual blade
Cut out the heart
And tear out the spine
Split the skull open
To extract the brain

The demons I serve
Demand the agony
Chanting prayers to the sound
They must die screaming

Black magic butchery
Mutilated offerings

I have no god
My soul is dead
Ritual carving
Into my flesh

Black magic butchery
Mutilated offerings
Bring me someone I can use
Someone who will scream

Buried secrets
And butchered remains
Fifteen bodies
Unearthed from shallow graves
Four black cauldrons
Filled with blood to the brim
Viscera, brains and flesh
Consume the brew within

Black magic butchery
Mutilated offerings
Mutilated offerings

Text přidal DevilDan


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