Pillamyd - text

Been to this place before
An excavation
Scrawling a name again
Touch stony face restored
Can't read the name
Collapsible fingertips
Weeping within the hot of desert weeps
To brood within the skull of wax and time
Taking no step alone until you can
Crying on the downed stones
By handfuls you will build a pillamyd
Lust in the vessel head
Working with slaves
Dust in the eyes of men
Offer nocturnal prayer
Alter ablaze
Magik obtained
Deciphering pain
Moving inside you when you seem asleep
Influence all to step beyond the gate
When you're slipping in preservative
Hydro-glyphic downed stones
By handfuls you will build a pillamyd
A pillamyd built
The pillamyd guilt... inside
It's etched in stone

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