Now cease my wandering eyes - text

Now cease my wand'ring eyes,
Strange beauties to admire,
In change least comfort lies,
Long joys yield long desire.

One faith one love,
Makes our frail pleasures eternal, and in sweetness prove,
New hopes new joys,
Are still with sorrow declining unto deep annoys.

One man hath but one soul,
Which art cannot divide,
If all one soul must love,
Two loves must be denied.

One soul, one love,
By faith and merit united cannot remove,
Distracted sprites
Are everchanging and hapless in their delights.

Nature two eyes hath giv'n,
All beauty to import,
As well in earth as heav'n,
But she hath giv'n one heart.

That though we see
Ten thousand beauties, yet in us, in us one should be,
One steadfast love,
Because our hearts stand fix'd although our eyes do move.

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Dowland - Second Booke Of Songs 1600 (The Consort of Musicke & Emma Kirkby)

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