That's Armageddon - text

Go, play it safe
Nothing 's complicated
The concept 's clear
Spoon-fed and sedated
Yeah, I know ignorance is bliss
You never broke the rules
How many asses can you kiss
To become the king of fools?

All the wasted time
That's armageddon
Keep yourself in line
And you're getting nowhere fast (2x)

In your small world
Thinking 's overrated
No question 's asked
You'e never agitated

Are you content with what you know?
These handcuffs fit you so fine
Happy-go-lucky prisoner
Keep smiling - you'e only dying

Refrain (2x)

You're scared of what you'll never see
The person you can't be
And the places you would never go
Everything that you don't know
You'll never grow

Refrain (2x)

Time? the time?

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