Personality Clash - text

Im a personlaity
walking like a superstar
talkin like a zombie
im a personality
swimming in my money
videos on MTV, Yeah
im a personality
i dolized poster-identity
im a personlaity
don´t need no talent
cause i´m a tennage beauty
i´m a personality
god bless the record industry
i´m a personality
modern musicians eam their
money by hypocrisy
i´m a personality
causing a musical catastrophe
i´m a personality
music:silly lyrics: message-free
but don´t be scared i´m not here
for every long cause in four or
five months nobod yknows
i´ve writting asong
since i´m a superstar i can´t
believe how stupid you are
i´m insulting you in every line
and you still think i´m divine
you deef idiots you f...kers,
you boobs, you morons
you suckers...

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