Outshine The World - text

They called me wannabe
and they used to pick on me
but this time their laughter doesn´t fit the joke
i have set my goals
when i ´ve seen them sell their souls
and this time their laughter doesn´t fit the joke
i know it´s all inside of me
i am the energy
i´m gonna take my chance
(i know i can achieve it)
(the one i´ve always been awaiting)
i´ve got to take a stand
(yeah, today i will)
outshine the world
they say the winner takes it all
and the loser takes the fall
this time they´re not gonna take me in, no!
Cause i`ve got what it takes
and i´am playing for high stakes
you know, this time i´m sure to win
have my say
here to stay

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