Oh Yeah Oh Yeah - text

I wanna take you for a ride need my best friend by my side anywhere feels quite alright to sing our songs into the night
sometimes I need to break free there´s a voice inside of me sometimes I need to forget tonight I´m gonna drain my head

oh yeah oh yeah
I´ll have my coffin with sugar and milk
oh yeah oh yeah
and a body bag made out of silk
oh yeah oh yeah
this body´s looking for cheap thrills
oh yeah oh yeah
get my kicks until it kills

I wanna burst like dynamite I wanna get burnt by the city lights need the guitars amplified let the wine drink me tonight
sometimes we need to break free a voice inside of you and me sometimes we need to forget tonight we´re gonna drain our heads


there ain´t no doubt about it -oh no
I can´t live without it-oh yeah
there ain´t no doubt about it -oh no
hell yeah

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