Blood on the Motorway - text

And now, eternity

Be still now
I am with you
I am deep within you
You are at peace
You cannot be harmed
You will not suffer

Breathe deeply
Breathe in the healing love of the universe
And breathe out the sickness which has taken you
I am with you

It's easy, it's like breathing
It's like a heartbeat, it's easy

Have not betrayed your ideals
Your ideals betrayed you
What are you gonna to do?

Your eyes will not close
Your tongue barely speaks
But I can still feel you

I can still feel you
So come, come relax
Grin, let the changes in
Come on, come relax

Let the laughter, let the laughter, let the laughter begin
Well come and relax, grin, let the changes in

Grin, let the changes in
Come on, come relax

Time is done
The sun has gone
It's too late
Eternity has come

"It's Coming" by Thomas F. Browne
"It's Easy" by Marc Z
"Gli Uccelli" by Franco Battiato
"Louisiana Fog" by Charlie Musselwhite

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