Would That Not Be Nice - text

Alot I've wondered how do I swing this?
I'm gonna be up for a long while
'Cause I've got to know it, know it tonight.
Cause if I did, would that not be nice?
I wish that I was in Minneapolis
Like ....... we lay life back
And share a feelin' . . . .
And come to think it, would that not be nice?
There's Cleopatra up on her throne
Come Cleopatra, come come back home
I'll be here waiting with basmati rice

What can you tell about ?
Would that not be nice?
Just so destructive, ain't really deranged
Sometimes I wished it
You emerged in strains from...
That sounds alright
And if you were, would that not be nice?
Ya got a coffin, a candleabra
From California. . . . lighter
You set them over with fickle lies
And if you did, would that not be nice?
Would that not be nice?

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