Thrillseeker - text

When you hang by a thread
Strange things go through your head
What was in that woodshed?
Will death be gentle?
"Better to live one day like a lion
Than a thousand sheepishly",
Say dead oriental...
I'm a thrillseeker honey—I can't help it
I would kill for that feeling now I've felt it
I'm a thrillseeker
If you live by the sword
You will reap your reward
Death by faulty rip-cord or loose caribiner
But it's my absolute right
To kill myself if I like
And now it looks like I might've finally succeeded
And I don't care
When they finally come
I'll be stuck there like gum
Frying under the sun—eggs over easy
But it's my triumph of will
Just to stay alive 'til
They've spent several million trying to save me
Albeit vainly
I don't want your money
I'm a thrillseeker honey—I can't help it
I'd kill for that feeling now I've felt it
It's the cruellest of hands but I've been dealt it
I can see it, I can feel it, I hear it
Here it comes.....

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