Promised Land - text

I went to my horse
To the promised land
With a golden dagger
And a pouch of wine
I have not much
I have my horse
And a sharpened sword
And a darkened cloak

I will not stop
I ride the wind
I fight myself thorough
I slaughter you down
My goal is clear
I have no doubts
No on stands
On my path to the divine

A journey of dark
Makes me slave
Under clouds of rain
And thunder storms
I an a wreck
Of a former day
Prehistoric chains
Hit my head

I'm close, I know
I harden my soul
I take a step
I take me two
Mirage of lands
Promised lands
I'm close, I know
Harden my soul

In the promised lands
They promised gold
And piles of diamonds
And a lake of wine
I sacrifice
My body and soul
To get me there
And slaughter you all

I went with my horse
To the promised land
With a broken sword
With broken hopes

I have not much
I have my horse
And an empty pouch
And a dirty cloak

Oh, promised lands

I take a wish
From my mind
Oh, promised lands

The end is here
There is no land

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