Hate My Life - text

In a northern land
Lives a man
Sheltered by his cabin
Against snow and ice

The weather is cold
And the sky is hidden
The days are short
His life is tough

I hate my life

Outside my door
Awaits the shadows
To conquer my soul
I never get rest

Thoughtful and guilty
I'm down on my knees
Begging for pardon
I'll never be free

I hate my life

I'm out of my mind
I'm left to the shadows
I'm tired and weak
They will get me now

I'm riding the winds
I follow my strings
I'm free from my body
You'll never get me

I hate my life

The family is gone
Lonely and scared
Shadows in my mind
Shadows in my heart

I hate my life
Shadows and demons are visiting at night
I hate my lonely life

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