The World - text

Don't need your understanding
Live the mess I'm in
I'm in a chain reaction
Let me in
I saw the big lights flashing
Ruin the entire land
I still hear children screaming
Goin' insane

Fighting all the demons
In the middle of the night
I open my eyes and I just see I'm still alive

Here's another story of the world I'm living in
You can see a hero fall tonight
I see dark angels fly
Nothing else remains a mystery

[Verse 2]
Smiling on the outside
Empty on the inside
Lost even my direction
Where to go?
I'm still in this madhouse
My life's just one big lie
No more air to breath
We're face to face

Covered by a smiling mask
To hide all our sins
But really have to see
That there's no more truth within!

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