I Can See You - text

Rain falls on a tin roof
Oh but not the angry kind
Such a sweet serenade to slumber
That's how I see you tonight

Wake up early making pancakes
The smell of bacon in the air
Family gathered around the table
And I can tell that you are there

I can see you in the routine
I can feel you everywhere
You don't have to move a mountain
To let me know that you are there

I feel you driving down the highway
Heads are bouncing to the beat
There's nothing coming through my speakers
But you're the rhythm driving me

You're a god of power you're the king of kings
But mostly I can see you in the little things
Like sitting around the fire with those that really care
That's how I can tell you're there

When I wake up in the morning
And when I lay my head at night
Every second that is between
I'm so glad you're in my life

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