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No Asking Why - text

Live is wonder, Be will of some never twice.
We were wonder, Shining some of Pupil sky.

In my dreams, Hapeen this a Smileing eys.
In my dreams i dancing with the rain in fly.

Let your eyes smileing shine.

What is o o of, In my tooour, Feeling so awide..

To the oh oh oh There was Of all all..

When No asking why.. Love is All... In your Own..
Feelining busy.. Time of all..
Let will go.. when No asking whyy Asking whyy..

Scars of falling, Dreams of wishin of come true,
The wised is calling, To the plays of we are doo..

Times it fearss..., Run away and close my eyes..,
Cause in my dream, I Dancing with the rain in Flyy...

Let your eyes Smileing Shine..

World is Our.., In my soul.., Feeling so awake..
To the oh oh oh... I was go oh oh..
When No asking whyyy..

Love is Our... In your soul.. Feelining busy..
Time of alll..Let will go oh oh.. When No asking why .. Asking Whyy.....

Let it be so longg... So longg.. To reach the Land.. Reach to stand a long... I dont need to End.....
All is Our oh.. In my soul oh.. Feeling so awake..
Doing oh oh oh... Let will no oh oh.. When no asking whyyy..... Love is all oh oh... In your soul oh oh Felling in busy.. Time will fall oh oh.. Tiime will go oih oh in the soul oh oh when no asking why asking Why............

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