Come alive - text

They want to break me, kill me for my crown
It's just a fact of life, when your up they tear you down
Put me in a dirty deep hole, with a lid to stop the air
But I've come to life again with this hate I've got to share

I've come alive, I've come alive
I'm coming to get ya
I've come alive, I've come alive
To cut you down
I've come alive, I've come alive
And I'm back to haunt you
I've come alive, I've come alive, forever

They tried to bleed me and hang me out to dry
If you're gonna kill me, make sure that I die
You threw me in lions den, while you feast and drink your wine
You motherfuckers better be ready when I come to rip you're spine


They'll try and break you kill you for your crown
For love nor money, for love nor money can you put me down

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