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The general screams
As hes torn out of his dreams
Now somethings gone terribly wrong
The enemy looms on the battlefield
But his entire army's gone
The gatekeeper chews down his nails
Now hes startin' upon the bone
Sturdy foundation all flows like blood
And it feels so all alone
I watch him as he fumbles with his bullets and his gun
I lean down to his ear
Wrap my hands down around his fear
And I tell him, whisper, run run run

Little ones
The fun has just begun

Long white carpet slung over the clouds
Where the angels, tight knit, form to pass rumbling crowds
Feeding coal dust down to the earth
Just howling at the moon
As they cry out for jesus
Cos they know
They know he'll be here soon

Little ones
The fun has just begun

So thats the thing about the state we are in
Looking for jesus in the lost-and-found bin
No ones time
To pick him up
"sometimes babies die man, life's just rough"

Little ones
The fun has just begun

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