Watercolours into the Ocean - text

Listening to Strawberry Wine
For the 131st time
It was 1987 and it was spring
It's 1987 all the time
Now it's 1987 all the time
Were you even there?
Too thin too fair
Downing your third drink
Standing at arm's length
In the square
Just off
A mildly successful
Killing rampage
Where good writers go
To find one thing
And stick with it

Oh life
Is bigger
Than a life on the run
From the united states
And her friends
On this night
Made of jewels

It took three
To peel em off the streets of the town
She's named after
Dragging the lagoon was a disaster
They found him alive and
Relatively well

Well some situations
Seek redressing
Some songs just
Go testing, testing
I took a picture
I was sick of motion

And wore her watercolours into the ocean
And wore her watercolours into the ocean

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