Archaic Ascendency - text

Death through descent.
Oppression lies within the hands
of the ancient,
forever founding the fallacy of worthlessness.
Destined to rot
till the wasted fade.
Our defiance disrupting our integrity.
Condemned to

depredation, our common adversary:
our own givers of life. Bloodshed, torture,
torment. Fortitude, essence to our transgression.
Youth ingested through
systematic work and placement.
Fate's already decided, we implement. History
shaped according to a goal and motive.
We are the sons of despair, the fathers
of annihilation. We embody a waste of life.
We are nothing but a severed limb.
We are amputees of a power above.
Their reign shall end now. We've squandered
our time enough thus far.
It's time to take death back and rid the ancient.
Rebuild a society not for the living dead.
We will not fall we are immortal.
Scorn the breath of genesis;
the harmony of heart and decay.

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