Those Miles Meant Everything - text

We're both still suffocating
Waiting for something, waiting for nothing
It's what I feared the most
We're surrounded by lights,
Each one is like a fucking ghost
And each one shines out
Showing what used to be
They never stayed for too long

They fade so quickly
We used to shine so bright

So sick of new beginnings
So fucking sick of this fresh new page
If we go to sleep now
We don't need to see another day

Never asked for this clean break
We never needed a brand new start
I never needed a brand new start
Just a different heart

I used to think about where we'd meet
Could we meet outside of what we used to be
Like the summer that fades so quickly

I used to think about where we'd be
Could we meet outside of everything
The summer fades so quickly,
It loses all of its beauty

Green turns to red, then turns to gold
And the summer air, it grows so cold.

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Green Turns To Red, Then Turns To Gold


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