The Bastard's Song - text

wanna buy me a new life
I'm gonna sell my soul for it
I really need a new one
Even if I have to die for it

I wanna change my clothes
I wanna change my hair
I want the burning leather that the Demons wear

I know this can't be the real deal
There's gotta be another way
I'm gonna start it all over
And i'm gonna grow myself a tail

I'm the wicked one
On the road again
I'm an evil bastard
Not a gentleman

I keep on believin’ and rollin’
With the morning light i'll be goin'
Raise your head and your fists
To the sound of the drums
The laughter the thunder
I don't care what's gonna be after
Even if everything turns into dust

Finally got my new life
And yes i sold my soul for it
Shut up and give me a cold one
I ain't gonna pay a dime for it

This is my time
I'm nobody's fool
Now hear my voice
It's the devil's tool

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