Honey Babe - text

I saw you there standing under the mango tree
A beautiful woman who looked so fine to me
She had all the things that I've been searching for
She had 'ehu hair, a flower in her ear, and bongo shorts

[ Chorus: ]
She's my Honeybaby, my Honeybaby yeah
My Honeybaby, my Honeybaby yeah...

So girl I want you to know that wherever you go
I won't be far away
As I kiss your lips while you sway your hips
You'll just hear me say

[ Chorus x1 ]

Me say my sweet Honeybaby yes you know I love you so
So hold on tight and baby never let go
Because you know that when you call me
I'll be there when I can
And you can count on me cause I'm your "Hawaiian Superman"

[ Chorus x1 ]

Girl I just told you how I feel for you
And every word I said, yes you know it's true
Before I go there's just one more thing, my darling
I give you total commitment girl with this wedding ring

[ Chorus x1 ]

Yes I want you to know that you're mine
All of the time, rain or shine
Girl you're mine (2x)

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