Chronicler Of Chaos - text

Upon them mighty spires of chaos,
amidst the vortex of time,
behold the blackest orb of uncreation,
for the great harvest is acoming,
none shall be able to endure !

Procreation of ages unborn,
foreseen from times untold,
scattered mortal incinerated remains,
sand in the wheels of a precious lifecycle.

.... and spokes dissipate into oblivion ! ...

Reap ... despair,
Reap ... deterioration,
Reap ... death.

Last entry into the chronicles of chaos,
scribbled with immense decay,
followed by eternal, glorified peace !
Glorified unit of human life,
light up in the fiery great void's shine !!!

...blazing red - spokes dissipate into oblivion !...

"Human sibling, reap what you have sown!"

Reap ... despair,
Reap ... deterioration,
Reap ... death.

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