Mind Torture - text

Like a parasite
Cyclops suck my mind
Huge mental distress
Won't let me see
I'm feeling like a fool and a stupid giant
Deserve to be blind
Deserve to be dead

My instinct is like Circe
She makes me like a beast
She dominates my brain
And makes it like a slave
I am a prisoner
Of my fucking dullness
I am like a pig... Pig

My soul is charmed by a voice
She sings a sweet melody
Then feelings are clouded by a nymph
My heart cannot beat for her love

Drugged by false paradise
I waste my days and my life
All this is mortal for me
I must escape
Before it's too late to be free... Free

The brain is a strange thing
It loves the easy and trivial
Dullness, instinct, wealth
Have an easy game
And you lose your eyes
And you lose your ears
And you lose yourself... Yourself

Open your mind to new thoughts
Reason must beat your instinct
Love must sincere and pure
The struggle between false and true

Every time that you win
You give the right sense to your trip
Every time that you lose
You give more strength to your weakness
More pleasure to pain... Pain

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