Night Star Hel - text

Your death has been aligned
With stars that do not shine
Their blackness calls your bane
For you know they have no shame

Let Circe look inside
The coldness of my eyes
I curse the light to die
As its brightness now subsides

Night star Hel

The world has been designed
By falling stars that shine
Their darkness comes alive
For they call no name but thine

Let mortals look aside
As dreams and fate collide
I curse the light to die
And the blackness fills the skies

Night star Hel

Your death has been designed
By stars that do not shine
The blackest calls your name
Now you'll never be the same

It whispers in your ear
That darkness that you fear
The name it speaks is cold
And its presence looming near

Night star Hel

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Deth Red Sabaoth


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