Nobodoby Cares - text

I’m drownin’ in the ocean, lost out on the sea
Don’t know where I’m goin’ or who I’m suppose to be

Never knew the world could be such a cold, cold place
Everyone I knew always wore an angry face
I never had nothin’ or no one to call my own
I’ve never been nothin’ but all alone

Big ol’ world keeps spinnin’ round

Chorus :

Nobody Cares about me
Nobody Cares about me
Why should I care about anyone else
Nobody Cares about me

Always feelin’ like a stranger never felt like I
The only time I got some attention was when I was spit
Every dream, every dream I had was borrowed
And when I gave them back, I gave back tomorrow
I’m like an empty suitcase that’s been left out in the
Thrown in the lost in found never to be flamed

Big ol’ world comes crashin’ down

Chorus :

What about me, nobody asked if I wanted to be

Chorus :

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