Relapse - text

Maybe it's an addiction
Or maybe it's just me
'Cause everytime I see your face
Oh honey, I can't breathe
Maybe it's an illusion
I don't know what to do

'Cause everytime I close my eyes
Oh, all I see is you
Oh satisfy me, baby
Show me what you can do
I'm hooked on you just like a drug
Oh, baby tear me up
I was addicted to you

I thought I threw you out
Now you're here to mess me up
Now I'm stuck in relapse (lapse-lapse-lapse skipping etc.)


Baby, my heart's an engine
It's an old Chevrolet
I'm ready for you to turn me on
And ride inside of me
Honey, I've been ready
For you to break me through
Oh ruin me and tear me down
'Cause all I want is you
Oh, satisfy me baby
Show me what you can do
I'm hooked on you, just like a drug oh
Baby tear me up


Text přidala Lilianne

Video přidala Lilianne

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