To Blackened Earth - text

Everything changes
So they say
From better
Then to worse
Falls apart
Seems to turn
To another state
Fall from heaven
Down to earth
Down to earth
And your hair was blonde
Your eyes were black
Your smile was red
As a dancing god
But from your mouth
Fell lies
That tear the world
And that tear my heart
And everything seems to falls
Seems to rip itself apart
It falls from heaven
Like golden rain
And drops to earth
Like blackened tears
And everything must end
Must cease
Comes to an end
As you and I
When you fall then
So shall I
As you stand in ruins
Ripped of light
Ripped of stars
Made of dust
And everything changes
So hey say
From better
Down to worse
Everything it seems
Must fall apart
Ripped of light
Ripped of hope

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