Mountain Heights & City Lights - text

Now all’s left, the coldest days, the snow surrounds me, in this place,
I know I’ll never see that side of you again,
I’m forever trying to find myself but I’ve been gone,
This past year so long.

If all I know, I can barely see then I swear,
You compliment me well.
You say, we’ll mean the world some day well I fell, From my shoulders down.

From this high I can see the clouds rain over me as I am now,
If all know.
The city stays awake for days until the sun eventually drowns,
I am cast down.
The start we had all underneath as if we stepped so carelessly,
Now question keeps me up for days my doubt holds my heart to the ground.
I feel you closer than before…

I can still feel your arms around me, holding me here,
I can still feel the snow surround me, you can’t wait here, So sleep where you stand I can’t stand to sleep knowing your safe, Just as long as you hold my breath, now all’s left, the coldest days.

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