From The Sticks To Bitterness - text

3 years down
I still hear you under my breath
And I felt
It was hard enough to keep my head
Higher than my so called friends they're nothing but the doubt surrounding
My only fear my only fear
That I won't always feel you here
God oh god oh god you could have
Me I'm fine
Out of touch with my mind
For the last time
I question every ounce of faith my
Body body don't give up on me just yet
Body body don't you give up on me
I traced my steps back to find myself where I began, turns out
I'm am everything that makes me question who I am
Turns out I am the everything that
Holds the doubt tight in my hands
Breathe for me
You couldn't breathe a word
I was never meant for this world
Breathe for me
Forget me I insist I already don't exist.

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