Stained Glass Window - text

Stained glass window
looked through by a widow
in the heart of America
she said, it's hard, it's hard
it's so hard

Stained glass window
a choir and a hymnal
grace my fears relieved
but he's far, he's far
he's so far

Sunlit steeple
field of quiet people
singing grace how sweet the sound
their words were small, small
so small

Sunlit steeple
her knees were growing feeble
as she felt his name in stone
the tears fall, fall,
the tears fall

Every eye is a window pain
Every day they will come awake

Aisle to the altar
the father gives his daughter
to the man in uniform
he's so tall, tall,
so tall

Aisle to the alter
but she won't even bother
cause she walked there once in white
he was her all, all,
her all

Every eye is a window pane
Every day they come awake
Come awake
Come awake
Come awake

Text přidala Andiseq


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