Painting Smiling Face - text

Burning tree, blackened sky -
This land god forsaken
A thousand men prepare to die -
Their spirit long been broken
In misery, hear their cry -
Mouths hang wide open
Flashing steel, hot lead -
The white man has spoken
Painted smiling face
Pockets filled, lust fulfilled --
The butchered knew no mercy
Painted smiling face

Blind eyes, closed hearts -
They do not remember
Brutal past from the start -
No justice now forever
Humankind is
But a part yet they find no answer
Harmony is the art
These men refuse to master
Painted smiling face
Its clear, the end is near -
This path leads to nowhere
Painted smiling face
Yeah, I see you
See right through you
And I hear you
But your words will never ring true
My mind is clearer now
At last I can see all too well
Deceiving shades are wearing thin
Humankind prefers living in hell
Painted smiling face

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