Okie Dokie - text

Now exhausted all leave behind all day
So maybe just maybe a light weight
I dunno, ready to sail
Without worrying all the times painfully
Off and fly away
Now I want pilots

* Okey-doke ska ska ska

Nahanajjeum expendable this world goes around comes around without any problems
Perhaps hoping to jeojjeo
Maybe I stopped anbolttaen baby (baby)
Watch all of the world, but in the garage just an acceptable
Jet lag is not easy

* Okey-doke ska ska ska

It's time I go back
Leave me a last goodbye tired old books
I can not disguise the beating of exciting the Imam's
In fact I went too sipeulkkeolyo
I love the city as a sterile
Was made to get love and moist and dry
Promise me kkokanahjwoyo had an appointment to return

* Okey-doke ska ska ska

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Okie Dokie

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