Never Fade - text

I think I'm losing. Is it too late for me?
I thought, I always thought I'd make it through.
I'm asking you why.
Is it too late for me?
Your answer's never clear, or maybe it's just me.

I never took the time.
It's something that I see now.
And I know that you tried, but something always held me back.
(Every time) something always held me back.
I can't say I'm proud.
No, I can't say I'm proud
You always seem to know.

Somehow I know you understand everything -- everything about me.
How could it even matter?
I wish I could say the same thing for myself.
The day is almost over, and I'm lost.
I lost another day.

Make a way.
I won't fade.
(I'll never fade.)
I'll never fade.

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