Number One - text

Hey you, pretty one
The night has just begun
Hey you, pretty face
Tell you're name to everyone
You stand there all alone
Love is a pleasuredome
See them go, see their joy
Happy girls and lucky boys
And I'm dying for you
And I'm dying for you

Sharp hips, pelvic bones
I melt like an ice cream cone
Blue hair like the sea
What about you an me?
I creep, crawl into the night
I feel like a parasite
There's no doubt in my mind
She'll give me the turn around

But I am smiling at you
And I am keeping my cool

Saturday night, lucky strike
Nothing else on my mind
Go now, it is time, try out your favourite line
"Where do you live?", "Where're you from?"
"You must be twenty one"
Play it well, play it tough
If deaf and dump and blind with love
I am blind with love
I am blind with love...

I am dying for you
I am dying for you

Take me....home, take me ...home, take me... home

Would you care to safe my soul? Would you dare to take control?
Would you dare? Would you dare?
Take me home, take me home, take me home

Hey you, pretty one,
The night has just begun
Hey you, pretty face,
You're my number one

Take me...home, take me...home, take me...home

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