A Memory - text

When I'm down.
It is the world that is weighing on me.
When I'm down.
I am in darkness without your love.
My heart feels the weight.
When you slip away.
I surround myself with pictures of you.
When I turned my head you were gone.
My setting sun
You are gone.
When I feel sorrow.
When I feel down.
Falling through life without you...

My heart aches.
You left and took the best part of me.
My heart aches.

It is my loneliness that I forsake.
Tears fill up my eyes.
My soul wants to die.
Every dream I have I always see you.
When I am awake, you are gone.
My restless one.
You are gone.
When I feel sorrow.
When I feel down.
When I feel broken.
I'm on the ground without you...

All I have is a picture of you.
All I have is a memory.

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