Donde Voy (Where I'm Going) - text

Chyi You - Donde Voy
(Where I'm going)

All alone, I have started my journey
To the darkness of darkness I go
With a reason,I stopped for a moment
In this world full of pleasure so frail

Town after town on I travel
Pass through faces I know and know not
Like a bird in flight,sometimes I topple
Time and time again,just farewells

*Donde voy, donde voy?
Day by day, my story unfolds
**Solo estoy, solo estoy
All alone, as the day I was born

Till your eyes rest in mine,I shall wander
No more darkness I know and know not
For your sweetness, I traded my freedom
Not knowing, a farewell awaits

You know hearts can be repeatedly broken
Making roads , for the harrows to came
Along, with my sorrows I buried
My tears,my smiles, your name

*Donde voy, donde voy?
Songs of love tales, I sing of no more
**Solo estoy, solo estoy
Once again with my shadows I roam

*Donde voy, donde voy?
All alone as the day I was born
**Solo estoy, solo estoy
Still alone, with my shadows I roam.

*Donde voy (Where I go)
**Solo estoy (I'm just)

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