Never Ending Nights - text

Hangover in the morning
What a pain in the ass
But when think about
Last night
I know I went first class
That's all I really crave
Forget about tomorrow
Livin' night today
Walkin' home
Through morning streets
Just 'bout seven
By the time I find my door
It's almost eleven
All the people passing by
Work for a livin'
Look at me but they don't see
What they are missing
In the never ending nights
That's when I really
Come to life
It's my time
And my new home
Never ending nights
Give me no more
Never give a slack at night
Our motors are running
We're just a chosen few
To party all night long
Don't worry 'bout money
Your friends will always pay
We're gonna rule the world
Rule the night away
Who cares?
About the little things
I don't give a sh*t
Living for the night ahead
Don't think I'll never quit
When the graveyard shift
Comes around to an ending
I crash until the sun goes down
And start from the beginning

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