Man to Father Fire - text

Translucent geometric forms
"Here we go again, doom and gloom"
That's fucking typical of you, selfish
Bury the shit under the carpet yuppies, pseudo-intellectuals
You reek of self-righteousness, pointing the fingers
Look in the mirror and when you've finished
Your self-induced multiple orgasms
Will you ever notice that you have a lot in common with Hitler?
Given the circumstances,
Every one of you is a dormant or active atrocity
Nascent virions, vermin, parasites
Our only chance is that you metamorphosize into cannibals
And eat yourselves, surely I gest
Our chance!!
Who are we, mutations of nature's creation?
Destroyers of the splendours of Mother Earth?
Rapists, mass murderers of innocent species?
We are a plague
And nature herself shall cast down her own creations
Into the wrath that shall cleanse the Earth
Father fire

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All the Hate

Christian Deathtexty

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