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Your Love's An A Attitude - text


Now I know that your the one
Yes you are
Yes you are

You are the love that came
To change the times
Of my mind

Your this twinkle in my eye
Your my smile
You are my style

In love with each day
Your love is my attitude

You are love

This peace of mind surrounds me
With every new dawn
Each day is a song
It can't go wrong

One part of you
The sun comes shining through
It's you who changed my world
It's you - You are love

I'm so grateful that we met
For now I know
The love you show
The love that you changed this feeling
That lives on in my mind

It's funny how sad any love
Could free a troubled mind

For your not here
Its very clear
Your memories
Fill my needs
'Til time is right for you and I
Yeah yeah

(bonus track, 2003)

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