Shake Shake - text

I, I think I'm ready
To be something more
Than just friends
Go, go ahead and say it
I'm not the handsome type
But girl I'll treat you right
I'll sing you love songs
But only the good ones
We'll start a traveling band
And make rock n roll music
I'll bring my guitar, you take the tambourine
Shake, shake, it's just what you do to me
Oh, I think I'm falling in love, with you
Oh, I think I'm falling in love, with you
I, I got a good good feeling
You say "Music is my boyfriend, I don't need nothing else."
I say that's bullshit
Yeah, what about the sad films
You say make you happy
Just because you know they're not real
These days I just don't make sense to me
This modern love, it's a new kind of lonely
So, don't forget me

Text přidal Seneca

Video přidal Seneca

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