Crypt of the Kraken King - text

Those of The Void, seek passage here
Dead but dreaming...His time draws near
Continuing forth...following forbidden signs
I must crack the seal to release the chains that bind

Elder-devil who dances in astral flames
I hear your silent howls, I hear you call my name
Eater of time & space, ancient spawn of the stars
Illustrate your dementia, unseen haunter of the dark

Submerged sepulcher, inert daemonical pool
Hair-raising silence slumbering nightgaunt & ghoul
Divine Viridian Nexus, magnificent celestial tower
Entombed super-Omega, ensnared sleeping power

Great Nodens of the Silver hand,
Abysmal-lord beneath the waves
Secret teacher of the nether,
Yog-Sothoth stands behind the Gates

Unknown darkling-forms move & gather round,
Leering shadows guide my way
Supreme Sultan who controls my will,
Deliver me unto his grave

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