We're Alive - text

Everyone and everything around me's always changing
everyone except me I'm stayin the same as if i was nothing
I dont sing my songs I bleed them, I don't write unless I mean them
Without cold the snow's just rain, without my voice it's all the same

It's ok we're just scared

I don't really need to sleep much longer
but the longer I sleep, the slower my heart beats
There's fire on my floor telling me to sleep some more
Cry a little louder if you know what this means

It's ok we're just scared
It's ok

I forgot about the note I left on my back door
But it's alright, I'll stay here inside with my friends who aren't here anymore

Actually you know what,
The way things are isn't good enough

We're alive and we're here
Listen please cause we're scared
We're alive and we're here
We will scream 'til you hear

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