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Our first met, number one, 21.9.2013 - text

This isn't song, but this is story how Cathrina first time met Patrick (Paco).
It was ordinary day. Breakfast, school, lunch, walk with my pet, do my homeworks and go to the football playground with my 3-years old sister... And here is our first met. It was classical, play with the childrens a when all children go home (only my sister stay here), go here 2 boys. They was older then me. They was oldest in the playground. My sister was collect leavs for our mother... I was sitted and watched how you, your friend and my friends played football. I remember some words and sentences like a "majster ide, skóruje" and other... When was 19:45, I must go home with my sister... I don't know about you, I don't know "you loved me"... It was magical, you're ask me how is my name on facebook. When I go home, I went to the facebook and I've got friend request. I agree and I send you a message "tak si ma našiel :D". And he "jo, našiel :)". Your profile photo was excellent and you are cuuuuuute :3 He send me message after some message "myslím že si pekná :)". It was my best moment :3
To be continued ;)

Text přidala CrazyGirl69

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