Face Down - text

I try to find a new way to tell You
Some way to show You
What You mean to me
There's nothing new

I exhaust myself searching
The world just keeps turning
What else can I do
'Cause I find myself empty and

Face down
Having nothing else to cling to
But need of love that only You can give

Face down
Where I know that I belong
And I pray with grace that this world sees in me
Someone humbled and broken at Your feet

Still I don't understand why
You would rescue me

An empty cross
Where You suffered and bled
Overcoming my death
Recreating me with this freedom I will be

So I'm asking for Your help
Just can't do this by myself
After all, this life's for You
And not for me

Through Your mercy now I see
Brokenness is what I need
So I'll stay right here at Your feet
Right here at Your feet and

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