Fragile - text

When I touched your eyes in crowded room
It was love at first sight
I know that's corny, you're the fifteenth girl
But it's like love the first time
You sit beside me dressed in furs
While I talk to the latest
The latest, the greatest, I know the best
But I'm still fragile


People with glass hearts shouldn't throw glances
I know, I know
But your eyes were there in my spectacle case
Marked romance
I lie in bed with a faulty mirror
I fill the empty space
I've still got a thing for girls with red hair
And those with blue in their face


People with glass hearts shouldn't throw glances
You told me that last time
Look at me, stony faced
I'm breaking up inside
You talk who loves you like tomorrow
I love yesterday
Hello sweetheart, that sounds stupid
What else can you say?


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