Clouds - text

Look up there, there's clouds above us
They're watching us now
You don't believe me? Go somewhere else then
They're always around
They see the factories and corporations
They see the hotels and shops
But I know their plans, their little secrets
With them I'll go to the top


Clouds are pretty, pretty amoral
They've got no feelings of pity
They're up there now, they're over our heads
They spit on this city
They think they're pink, they think they're fluffy
They think they're hiding their thoughts
But I can see, I see right through them
I know the power they've got


Clouds drift around, they don't go home
They've got no civilisation
They white and grey, they're red and black
They don't know their station
Clouds drift around, they see it all
They're drifting over this town
Clouds drift around, they know your name
And all the things that you've found


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