Lights out - text

Hey tell me what you’re waiting for, is there something to see?
Yeah I know, you’re waiting for me
You’re waiting for me to fail, to stumble and fall
But I’ll never give up, yeah I carry on
You don’t like what I do, but that is okay
Well I don’t give a fuck anyway
Cause I know and I do what I want
Lights out
Spotlight is on
I’m ready to fall
I’m so bored of all this talkin’: “What’s Punk and what’s not?”
Who cares? Well I don’t give a fuck
It don’t matter to me, and who knows at all?
Before I lie to myself, I take the fall
With all your hypocrite rules, how can you be free?
Did you forget about the power of unity?
Did you forget about… break free!
Lights out
Spotlight is on
I’m ready to fall

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